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Wishmaster Spell HUD v3.24


Wishmaster is a powerful spell-casting HUD that grants the user an impressive arsenal of magical powers that you must see to behold. It was conceived as the go-to item for any and all magic roleplayers and casual users alike. There's something included for everyone!

Built from scratch, Wishmaster is the only truly dedicated spell-casting system in Second Life. It is powerful, elegant, low-lag and PACKED with features.

This documentation is kept up to date and made easy to read. It is very likley you will need to refer to this guide often to fully understand all of the intricate features built into the system.


  • Easy to Use - adaptable smart HUD that adapts to screen resolution.
  • Auto-Cleanup - Each spell object or effect in the system will derez on command, or automatically when the user exits the sim, logs out or after 60 seconds.
  • Low-Lag, No Bloat - Each feature is designed with unique intricacies that reduce lag and maintains an average script time of 0.02ms. Wishmaster is safe to use in any sim, as it will not bog down other avatars or the region.
  • Expandable - In addition to the already large inventory of abilities, expansion packs can be bought and installed with 1-click.
  • Multiple Casting Options Target avatars, objects or aim with your camera!
  • Unlimited Range - Cast from anywhere in a region.
  • Roleplay Mode - RP Mode (aka 'Safe Mode') allows you to disable or enable the pushing effects some spells produce, allowing you to safely and confidently cast effects without disturbing other avatars, particularly in RP sims.

Getting Started

You are given a magical lamp that contains a powerful Djinn spirit called the Wishmaster. When you free him, he will offer you his grimoire and which grants you a large variety of wizardly powers.


  1. Rez the Wishmaster's Lamp
  2. Left Click the lamp to initiate the unboxing sequence.
  3. Accept the Wishmaster's offer. This will place a folder in your inventory.
  4. Open the folder, Right-Click/Wear the HUD to begin.

Attachment Points

The HUD is a book designed to be adaptive. If it needs to show you more content, it will slide out and show both pages. Otherwise, it remains tucked off to the side.

Wishmaster can be attached to your HUD points:

  • TOP-RIGHT (default)

Configuring the HUD

Adjusting HUD Position New!

As of version 3.23, you now have more freedom to move the HUD about on your screen and keep it there. The HUD will return to this position even when un-minimizing.

There are two methods of doing this:

  1. You can right-click, edit and drag the HUD to your desired screen position. Once you have it where you want it, simply type /9 hud savepos to lock it in place.

  2. You can specify the exact position with /9 hud setpos <X,Y,Z> and the HUD will move to those coordinants and stay there until you reset it.

    {warning} Option 2 a slightly more advanced method and not recommended if you don't know how to use relative to an attachment.

Restoring Default Position

If you lose the HUD on your screen or otherwise just want to restore it to default position, you can do this by typing /9 hud reset

This will cause the HUD to move back to the appropriate position for the attachment point you're wearing it on. (TOP-RIGHt by default)

Adjusting the Size

You can easily change the scale of your HUD and all content will adapt accordingly. Size options are: small, medium, large

To change the size of the HUD, use the following command and size declaration:

Example: /9 hud size large

You can also specify your own size by typing: /9 hud size 0.2

Default HUD sizes in both contexts would be medium or about 0.35.

Changing the Command Channel

By default, HUD commands are issued on channel 9 (ex: /9 dispel)

You can change the default channel by using the command: /9 hud channel #

For example: typing /9 hud channel 4 would allow you to issue commands on the new channel, such as /4 dispel.

Navigating the HUD

Wishmaster is very easy to Navigate. Most of it is point-and-click. However, some features may require the keyboard.

The Index Page

The index page is the 'table of contents' of your spell book. It lists all of the available spell chapters included with the HUD.

To return to the index page, click anywhere on the HUD that is not a button. (IE. the 'parchment' of background or the page border.)

Spell Chapters

Wishmaster contains over 60 spells and variants that are classified into 7 different categories called chapters. Each chapter has it's own theme of magic. (ie. Elemental)

Simply **click on a chapter name** to reveal the spells associated with it.

To avoid taking up too much screen space, Wishmaster will only show both sides of the spellbook if there are spells listed on the second page, such as in the Eldritch chapter.


To minimize Wishmaster:

Click anywhere on the background that is NOT a button. (Such the 'parchment', background or the page border.)

When minimized, the HUD will be replaced with a small icon. Click the ICON to un-minimize your HUD.

{primary} You can only minimize Wishmaster from the INDEX page. If you're on another page, clicking the background will return you to the index.

Casting Spells

There are several ways to cast spells with Wishmaster.

From the HUD

  1. Click on the name of the spell you wish to cast.
  2. Select the target you wish to cast on from the drop-down menu.

The Camera

When selecting the CAMERA option, the system will attempt to cast the spell directly in front of whatever your camera is focused on.

To cast with your camera, be sure to ALT+CLICK on the target you want to cast on BEFORE YOU CAST A SPELL. When you cast, you'll notice a brief targeting reticle appears to confirm where your spell is aimed to be cast.

Using Commands

Every spell can be cast with a command EXCEPT elementals. You can macro the commands in a gesture or type them out.

By default, Wishmaster uses channel 9 for commands; If you change the command channel, your spells will cast on the new channel number.

Command Format:

/9 spell target


/9 teleport torley will teleport you to the avatar called Torley.

/9 bless torley would cast a bless charm on Torley.

Some spells can only be cast on the caster and therefore do not require a target. In this case, you can leave out the target name.

Example: /9 astral would cast Astral Projection, which is not a targeted ability.

Some spells have different variations you can cast them with, such as different colors, themes or effects.

Example: /9 teleport torley shadow

If a spell requires a target and you have not included one in your command, you will be prompted to select one.

You can type partial names for spells, variants and targets.
Example: /9 expl dum would cast explosion on a nearby target name that begins with dum.
Example: /9 tele tor ener would teleport the caster to avatar named Tor(ley) with the energize variant.

Ending Active Spells

Any spell you cast can be terminated by clicking it's name on the HUD or by using the following command:

/9 dispel
This will remove any active magic you have cast from the sim.


In addition to the global dispel command above, all spells will automatically dispel themselves when any of the following conditions are met:

  • Caster logs out
  • Caster leaves the region
  • Spell is active for more than 60 seconds
  • Spell crosses into a parcel where scripts or rezzing are not allowed

Spells Overview

There are several spells and details within them that are included in Wishmaster. This is a comprehensive list of all of the included features and abilities.


  • PROJECTION - This sends the user into a meditative trance, allowing him to unleash his soul upon the world. As it travels, the user's soul can communicate with anyone in view, even as the sorcerer remains elsewhere. Ended by re-clicking the "Astral Projection" button.

  • NIGHTMARE - A temporary trap -- Issues a psychic attack, paralyzing avatars within 10m around you for a few seconds.

  • PARAVECTUS - Draws out material from the astral plane, allowing the user to walk in midair, or to stop themselves as they fall. Use in mouselook to walk diagonally.

  • TELEPATHY - Allows the user to listen to a target and anyone around the target, from anywhere inside the sim.

  • PSI-WAVE - Psiwave uses psionic energy to push, pull or blast objects and avatars.

Once activated, you can cast psionic energy in the following 3 ways:

  1. To REPEL people and objects away from you - LEFT-CLICK once.
  2. To DRAW people and physical objects closer to you - HOLD PAGE-DOWN/CROUCH and LEFT-CLICK once.
  3. To BLAST front facing objects and people away from you - WALK FORWARD AND LEFT CLICK once. (You must have either 'W' or ARROW UP pressed when clicking to project a forward blast.)


  • AURA - Manifests the user's sorcererous aura

  • BLESS - Cures a target of any curses, hexes, or other ailments.

  • CLAIRVOYANCE - Summons a ball of magical energy to direct the user towards a target. As the user approaches, the magic pulses more quickly.

  • LEVITATE - The user draws upon their magical power to lift and move a target through the air. LEVITATE keeps the object in orbit around the user for safe-keeping when left idle.

  • LIGHT - Summons a magical crystal, which emanates a brilliant light.

  • PUSH/PULL - Throws a target away from the user or snares it towards them.

  • SHIELD - Casts a powerful barrier around the user that prevents spells from entering...or exiting.

  • STUPEFY - Stuns a target, disrupting their focus and dispelling any spells they are in the process of casting.

  • CANDLE - Conjures an enchanted candle that follows and casts a warm radius of light around the caster.

  • KISS - Blows a magical ball of light at the target that bursts into a kiss.

  • LOVE - Showers the wizard's target in hearts.


  • PORTAL - Creates a portal through the material of the plane allowing a user or a group to pass through.

    PORTAL also allows you to RECALL marks to other sims. This is the only power that allows this.

  • SUMMON - Allows the user to magically teleport a target to their location.

  • TELEPORT - Allows the user to magically teleport themselves to another location.

    • SAVE – Allows the user save a location and return back to it later.
    • LOAD - Teleports the user to saved location within the same region.
    • CAMERA - Teleports the user to their camera location. (For teleporting to other regions, use PORTAL.)

{warning} Important
Saved Locations cannot contain any special characters. This will cause you to be unable to delete that mark until you reset the HUD. Keep names simple.

{info} TIP RLV-enabled viewers can use Teleport without clicking to sit on TP orbs. If you have it enabled on your viewer, it will work with automatically Dimensional -> Teleport.

  • GROUP TELEPORT - Teleports the caster, with their group, to another location

  • TELEPORT HOME - Teleports the target out of the region. You must have land rights to use this ability.

  • EJECT - Ejects the target from the parcel. You must have land rights to use this ability.

  • CONJURE - Magically summons items the caster has installed into the HUD. You may choose your desired effect to summon the item with.

    • IMPORT – will allow you to install items into the HUD for conjuring.


  • BOMBARD - Casts a barrage of fiery destruction creating explosions throughout a target area.

  • ENERGYBALL - Casts a tremendous explosions in an area, blowing anyone in the target area away.

  • EXPLOSION - Calls forth a gigantic maelstrom of hellfire, sending anything in the target area flying and leaving huge craters in its wake.

  • METEOR - Brings a single meteor down from the sky on top of a target.

  • METEOR STORM - Calls forth a series of meteors onto a target, leaving destruction in the surrounding area.

  • RAPTURE - Summons a brilliant light that seizes a target up into the air, far out of sight.

  • VANQUISH - Blasts a target upwards in a column of light.



  • PILLAR - A chunk of earth rises up into the air, launching the caster /or/ target up into the air. Can be used offensively or defensively.

    • Hold down left mouse button to charge.
    • Turn via mouselook or arrow keys to control spell's path.
  • SPIKE - Earthen spikes rise up from the ground, blasting away anything in their path. This spell can also be controlled by turning your avatar, or using mouselook, to manipulate the direction of the spell.

    • Hold down left mouse button to charge.
    • Turn via mouselook or arrow keys to control spell's path.


  • BALL - Casts up a fireball. The longer this spell is charged, the greater the effect. Upon bursting, this spell will ignite any objects or people it comes into contact with.

    • Hold down left mouse button to charge.
  • FURY - Calls up a storm of fire that dances around the user until cast forth.

    • Hold down left mouse button to charge.
    • Fire can also melt Ice.
  • FLAME - Sprays out a stream of flame that ignites anything it touches.

    • Fire can also melt ice.

{primary} Fire can also melt Ice.


  • BALL - Conjures up a dense pocket of air between the users hands. When cast, it unleashes small bursts of wind as it travels, as well as a huge burst of air upon arriving at a target.

    • Hold down left mouse button to charge.
  • GUST - Gathers the surrounding air into the users hands, to be released in a powerful blast.

    • Hold down left mouse button to fire. Release to let go.
  • SAIL - Summons a pocket of air on which the user can glide at high speeds.

    • Hold down left mouse button to dash.
    • For best control, use mouselook.
  • CYCLONE - The caster spins around swiftly forming a mini-tornado that knockspeople and objects out of your path.


  • SHOCK - Conjures an arc of lighting to strike any physical objects that lie ahead.

  • STRIKE - Calls down a bolt of lightning on a target.

  • CHAIN LIGHTNING - Allows you to charge a ball of lightning and then release it, sending it arcing through multiple nearby targets (avatars and physical objects).

    After casting Chain Lightning, you'll notice an electric aura around your feet.

    • CLICK AND HOLD to charge the electricity.
    • RELEASE to launch the arc, which will chain through nearby objects and avatars.


  • SPRAY - Sprays out a stream of ice that freezes anything it touches.

    • ICE can put out fire, as well as ICE water solid and ICE objects/people.
    • Hold down left-mouse button to fire.
  • SPEAR - Summons up ice around the user, which coalesces around the hand, ready to be thrown at a target.

{primary} Ice magic can also extinguish fires and freeze water, allowing you to walk across.


  • DROWN - Conjures a condensed ball of water that hurls towards the target and drowns them downwards into a pool of water.


{primary} All hexes can be cured by casting BLESS or using DISPEL.

  • BIND - Invokes powerful glyphs to bind a target to the ground.
  • DWARF - Transforms a target into a dwarf.
  • GRAVITY - Forces a target irresistibly towards the ground.
  • PARALYZE - Fires out a beam of light, paralyzing a target.
  • SWARM - Calls forth a swarm of gremlins to harass and bully a target.
  • TREE HEX - Summons a nature spirit that petrifies an avatar by turning them into a tree.


  • BLIZZARD - Summons a blizzard.
  • THUNDERSTORM - Summons a thunderstorm.
  • JETSTREAM - Pummels the target with a strong blast of wind.
  • TORNADO - Spawns a deadly tornado that moves around sucking up anything in its path.


The utilities page contains useful tools for moderating land, purchasing plugins and most importantly -- toggling the SAFE MODE feature.


{info} Land spells only work on land that you or your group own have privileges to.

  • TELEPORT HOME - Teleports the target out of the region with an explosive magical effect.
  • EJECT - Ejects the target from the parcel with an explosive effect.
  • UNSIT -- Magically forces an avatar to stand if they are sitting on any surface.
  • SHOP -- Opens a link to the Arcanum's Second Life Marketplace page. For use in shopping for expansion packs and other Arcanum products.

RP/Safe Mode

RP MODE or Safe Mode as it is also referred to by many users, is an extremely useful feature that when enabled, disables all of Wishmaster's push nodes.

{primary} You can toggle this feature off or on at anytime.

Why use Safe Mode?

PUSH NODES are the invisible force that accompany spells that would normally push or shove avatars and physical objects where they would naturally occur -- such as an explosion or shockwave, etc.

By enabling RP/SAFE MODE, these nodes are disabled, meaning you can cast any spell (including large ones such as CATACLYSM) and it will NOT PUSH OR SHOVE other avatars. It will cast as visual FX only.

This is especially useful in Roleplay regions or sandboxes as it reduces all spells to just visual FX only, allowing you to cast safely to accomodate your roleplay scenes or wow your friends, etc. :)

{info} NOTE Some gentle spells that have utility purposes -- such as Levitate -- will still move avatars.