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The Book of Shadows Spell HUD v5.32

Inspired by the television series "Charmed", the Book of Shadows grants the user a unique array of magical powers. You inherit the "Book of Shadows", a grimoire containing the knowledge of the "Charmed Ones", a powerful coven of witches. Your avatar will be able to "orb" teleport, telekinetically move objects and more, just like in the show!


  1. Rez the Book of Shadows object on the ground before your avatar.
  2. Left-Click on the Book to activate the unboxing sequence.
  3. Accept the inventory folder offered to you.
  4. Right-Click and Attach / Add the BOS_Attachment and BOS_HUD
  • BOS Attachment You can wear the [BOS_ATTACHMENT] anywhere on your avatar. It is a completely invisible object that contains the core scripts for the system. Without it, your powers will not work.
  • BOS HUD Attach the HUD anywhere on your screen (defaults to Top-Left).

HUD Navigation

Navigate the HUD by clicking the arrows. The HIDE button will minimize the hud, simply click again to reveal it.

Casting Spells

Simply click the button on your HUD that corresponds to the spell you wish to cast or the power you wish to activate.

Some spells require target. Targeted spells will bring a list of avatars in the region that you may cast on.

Dispel / End A Spell

To dispel and remove an active power or spell effect, click the [END SPELL] button.

Spells & Abilities

Aggressive Magic

Telekinetic PUSH - The Witch swipes their left arm, sending the target flinging backwards. Telekinetic PULL - The Witch calls upon magical energy to draw a target torwards him or her from afar. Also will follow the Witch upon walking and pull.

Telekinetic THROW - Enhancement of Telekinesis, allowing the witch to lift a target and send them flying backwards, realistically. Useful for demonstrating your anger or frustration upon someone.

Repulse - The witch emits a burst of force magic that pushes surrounding avatars away from them.

Burn - A Firestarter power, that when used upon a target, will make them burst into thick searing flames. RP use only.

Freeze - Also known as Temporal Stasis, Freeze people in time. Trap will follow and recapture any targets who attempt to break free.

Blast - Blast will allow you to hit physical objects to blow them up, as you would a person. Causes an explosion three meters in front of you.

Telekinesis - With a wave of the hand, the Witch can move others with their mind. Also has levitation feature, target will float beside the witch. You can move them around in mid-air by clicking and dragging.

Vanquish - The Most Powerful Single Innate Power available in your magical arsenal, Vanquish. This ability allows the Witch to throw up their hands and blast the target into oblivion. This power blasts them into the sky, and does not let go. This ability DOES work in no-push land. Use at your own risk, griefing with it is a violation of the Terms of Service.

Energyball - The Witch summons an energyball in hand to hurl at enemies with electric force. (Kill Zone compatible.)

Fireball - The Witch generates a fireball in their palm and can then harness its power to throw fire at a target, killing or pushing the target several meters back. (Kill Zone compatible.)

Darklighter Crossbow - The Witch conjures a darklighter bow inwhich fires poisonous arrows at the target that can kill them instantly. (Kill Zone compatible.)

Supportive Magic

Potion - Smokescreen: This little potion will stir up a cloud of smoke when thrown, perfect for those getaways and distractions.

Astral Projection - The witch extends his/her concious mind, allowing them to hear the conversations of others, wherever their sight lies.

Portal - The Witch is able to open a portal before them, and then summon another next to it. The portals will connect, and then you are able to move each portal to anywhere within a sim. Upon clicking a connected portal, you will travel through space and time and emerge from the connected portal.

Telepathy - Will allow the Witch to open their mind, to other peoples thoughts, allowing access to view commands on hidden channels.

Platform - Elaborate Witch's platform in which the caster can work in peace.

Conjuring - This is a Half-Whitelighter power, which allows the caster to summon any item they desire, magically before them. You can add your own items, and summon them magically at will. This button will drop down a menu allowing you to ADD/DELETE or CONJURE items to your hud.

Shield - This shield spell will protect the Witch from any evils this way comes. Projectile/Physical defense.

Empathic Sense - This ability allows the Witch to sense all of those who are in close proximity to them.

Scrying - Used by Witches to track someone down, this summons a charmed pointer to direct you torwards your target.


Conceal Person - The witch casts the "Object of Objection" spell which shimmers the target beautifully out of sight. Reveal Person - Reversal spell, reveals a magically hidden person.
Snow - A simply charm that causes a slight blizzard to appear over the area.

Witch's Pentacle - Magical Witch's Circle that allows you to meditate safely, without being interrupted by the outside world.
Book of Shadows - Conjures a decorative Book of Shadows for display. Click to interact with it.

Light - Lights up the area around you, useful for night time or dark spaces.

Flight - An innate power that allows you to automatically fly to any height, and boosts your flight speed.


Orbing is a magical form of teleportation. This section of the hud is an entirely seperate system, combined into the system for your enjoyment. Each function supplemented by gorgeous visual FX.

Below is a rundown of what each button does:

Orb In - Renders the Whitelighter visible. Orb Out - Renders the Whitelighter invisible. Mark - Brings down a menu with slots, once clicked, the user can name the location he is in by speaking out loud. This location will be added to the Recall Menu, allowing you to orb back to it from anywhere on the Grid.

Once the MARK button is clicked, select an empty slot from the dropdown menu and then type in the name you wish to call it. EX: Home

Recall - Allows the Whitelighter to recall from his memory, any place he has previously marked. Grants the ability to Orb Back to a marked location from anywhere on the grid.

Orb To Person - Allows the Whitelighter to orb to Any Person(s) within the same simulator.

Ground - Orbs the Whitelighter to the Ground, should he find himself needing a quick escape.

Sanctuary - This summons a divine platform above the sim and prompts the caster to orb "Up There" to the Heavens. The platform contains a giant magical map that displays the sim and every avatar in it by using scrying magic.

{info} Clicking ANYWHERE on the Elder Map will allow the user to Orb to that spot in the sim. Furthermore, clicking on a AVATARS'S ICON on the map will Orb the user beside that avatar.


If there is an update available, simply RE-ATTACH your BOS ATTACHMENT and wait for the update to be automatically given. Enjoy!

{primary} IMPORTANT
The update feature was introduced in version 3.0. If you have a version less than 3 .0, you will need to contact Zachh Barkley to update.

Special Features

Hidden within the Book of Shadows system are two unique features that are often missed by users because they don't know where to look. This was intentional as it gave people something to look for, based on a clue in the original notecard.

Now, for the sake of clarity and ensuring users get the full use out of the system, those features will be documented below.

You can find the hidden powers script and crystal cage by:

  1. Flip to the the SPELLS page on your BOS HUD.
  2. Click "Call: Book of Shadows" to conjure the BOS.
  3. Left-Click the Book of Shadows to invoke a dialog menu.
  4. Choose the "Chapter" you wish to read.

More Info

Continue reading to find out more.

Crystal Cage

The Crystal Cage (or 'Containment Crystal') is an artifact of witchcraft that can contain other magical beings or evil entities.

In this case, it can be used to trap avatars behind a force field.

The forcefield is very simple and meant for roleplay purposes only.

The 'Containment Crystal' is found by reading Chapter 2 after conjuring the Book of Shadows from your HUD. It comes with instructions on how to use it.

Activating the Crystal

After rezzing the Crystal, simply type /5 trap AVATAR NAME to activate its magic on the target avatar . (Example: /5 trap torley )

Dispel the forcefield by typing /5 end

Hidden Powers

There is a powerful script that can be found by casting the "Call Book of Shadows" spell from your BOS HUD.

While this script is powerful, you do not need to be a scripter to use it. It has lied hidden in the BOS for many years except for those curious enough to discover it, but few know how truly potent it is for magical roleplay and effect.

Overview of Powers

By clicking Chapter 1 on the conjured BOS, you are given a folder with a script called _Telekinesis and a notecard explaining how to use it.

When dropped into an object that you own, you can command it magically with several commands that allow for alot of fun combinations and unique effects. This likens the witch to that of Piper and Prue Halliwell, meaning you'll be able to control objects by manipulating their time, motion and visibility.

You can do the following:

  • Levitate Objects
  • Shove objects up/down
  • Magically cloak objects from view (transparent)
  • Reveal magically cloaked objects.
  • Freeze objects in place (For example, if they are falling.)
  • Cause static objects to become physical (Unfreeze).
  • Mark an object to a specific location
  • Recall marked objects to specific location and (Time Reversal).
  • Telekinetically move objects to you.

{info} You can ONLY use this script on objects that YOU own, as it only listens to the object owner.


You can use this script in multiple objects to create unique effects.

For example: You could have several objects stacked or in some unique formation, mark them and then throw them about.... when you're finished, simply use the RECALL feature to reverse time and restore all of the objects back to their original positions and rotations in that formation.


  • Lift Object - Magically lifts an object into the air by 5m.

    /5 up

  • Lower Object - Lowers an object's position by 5m.

    /5 down

  • Cloak Object - Magically cloaks an object by turning it invisible.

    /5 hide

  • Mark - Marks the objects position and rotation so that it can be returned later with the recall ability.

    /5 mark

  • Recall Object - Reverses time by sliding an object back into its original position and rotation, as long as it has been stored by the mark ability.

    /5 recall

{info} If you have "unfrozen" an object, you must freeze it first before it can be recalled, otherwise the object will not be able to move.

  • Summon Object - Telekinetically slides an object to the caster.

    /5 summon

{primary} Summoning an object will also cause it to be marked, thus erasing any previously stored positions if you have marked it before. This is so that you can summon an object to you but return it back to its original position with the recall ability.