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Gatekeeper HUD

The Gatekeepers are wizards who hold the keys to space/time. Their power allows them to manifest two-way dimensional gateways (portals) between worlds and people. In ancient times, they were highly sought out by travelers and adventurers who paid a hefty sum for safe and instant passage to distant locations.


  • Smooth, easy to use HUD with minimizing capability.
  • Portals are two-way and remain open as long as the user wills it.
  • No distance limit.
  • Efficient scripting allows for swift, reliable usage.

Using the HUD

Gatekeepers can open portals between locations marked in memory, people and even other worlds (sims).

{info} Simply click the corresponding button on the HUD to activate the desired feature.

Gatekeeper Abilities

  • Mark - Marks a location for recalling later.
  • Recall - Opens a portal to a marked location.
  • Portal to Person - Opens a portal to a person. Portal follows target.
  • Portal to Sim - Opens a two-way portal between sims. The gatekeeper must travel to the target location via his own portal to complete the two-way link.
  • Command List - Click this will display a list of commands that can be used with the system by typing into the local chat bar.
  • Close Portals - Closes and dispels all of the caster's open portals in the region.