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Deathwish - A dark magic system for Second LifeĀ®

This product bestows the user with the dark powers of Necromancy. & Sorcery. Your new abilities include conjuring the dead, invoking ancient sigils, casting hexes and more!



Deathwish includes a simple HUD button that allows you to click-to-cast and dispel your magic with a simple click. Keep in mind that the HUD is simply a shell that communicates with Deathwish. Therefore You MUST have the Deathwish Scepter (Necrobane) attached in order to cast spells with the HUD.

The Necrobane Scepter

Deathwish comes in the primary form of a necromantic scepter that is cursed with dark magic. It was crafted by a dark lich king. While a HUD and Commands can be used to cast, you can also click the scepter to invoke a spell and targeting menu.

You must have the Scepter (Necrobane) attached at all times in order to cast spells; It is the main component of the system. Think of it like a wand.

The Deathwish Necrobane (pictured) is essentially a wand. It periodically glows with magic (colors can be customized) and can also be clicked on to invoke the casting menu.


You can type spells into the chat bar to cast. This also allows for macroing frequently used spells into gestures.

Changing FX Colors New!

You can now change the color of the glowing FX around the Necrobane by typing the following command:
Note that this special command is seperate from the primary commands of Deathwish. Currently it can only be used on channel 7.

  /7 dwcolor <COLOR> 
  Available colors: red, green, blue, orange, yellow, pink, white, purple, black

Spell Command Syntax

Commands are typed like this:



  • Typing /8 reject torley would cast the Rejector curse on an avatar called Torley.
  • Typing /8 teleport torley shadow would teleport the caster to an avatar called Torley with the Shadow teleport variant.


Spells can recognize partial names too -- so typing /8 rej tor would cast Reject on the nearest avatar whose name starts with tor.

{info} Typing a spell name without a target will bring up a targeting menu. e.g. /8 reject

Deathwish Spells

  • Raise Undead New! - This spell raises a zombie from the earth, upon which it roams mindlessly looking for flesh and brains.

    • Zombies are currently serving as practice-dummies. They have health meters that you can deplete by hitting them with physical objects and various spells.
    • They have AI that allows them to roam the terrain and avoid obstacles, but because they otherwise roam mindlessly they will automatically teleport back to the caster when the get about 45m away.
    • Click on a Zombie to bring up a menu that allows you to toggle the movement, stopping them in place or resuming their travels. You can also vanquish them back to hell.
    • Zombies can be dispelled just like any other spell.

    Command: /8 zombie <AVATAR or CAMERA>

  • SPIRIT BLAST - This powerful knock-back jinx is a new Spirit spell that allows the caster to fire off a wave of spiritual energy that mows down anything in its path..

    Command: /8 spirit blast
    Once the spell is cast, you can to fire the spell. Mouselook is recommended.

  • Necro Needles - Total carnage ensues as the necromancer conjures obsidian bone shards and propels them with deadly accuracy into his target. Use mouselook to aim. Shards can be directed in mid-flight by moving turning your camera in mouselook. Upon impaling a victim, they will stick to the target and charge up - once the charge builds an explosion will ensue. Shards will stick to anything including surface terrain, objects, avatars etc.

    Command: /8 needle Once the spell is cast:

    1. to conjure and charge the needles.
    2. the mouse button to fire the needles at your target.

{info} Special Trick
Necroneedles have a hidden unique effect. You can generate a super explosion by focusing all of your needles on one point with your camera in Mouselook. Doing this will create a huge blast that nullifies all Deathwish magic in the blast radius.

  • Conjure Skull - Opens a portal to hell from which a demon skull emerges The necromancer possesses the skull and is allowed to fly around and cast necro-blasts until dispelled. (If your camera acts up at all, dispel the spell and then cast again to fix it.). When possessing the skull, LEFT CLICK to fire necro-blasts.

    Command: /8 summon

  • Torch - Causes an arcane torch to rise from the earth and light the way for the caster. As you walk, more torches will appear whilst the ones behind you will vanish. CLICK a torch to make it stick or to remove it manually.

    Command: /8 torch

  • Devil's Trap - The necromancer conjures forth a tomb that surrounds the target and seals them in with ancient wards.

    Command: /8 tomb <NAME or CAMERA>

  • TELEPORT - The necromancer uses his unearthly powers to travel to distant locations instantly.

    Command: teleport <NAME> OR <CAMERA> <VARIANT> (optional) VARIANTS: * Shadow (Black dust and ashes)

    • Flame (Green necromancer's fire) EXAMPLE: /8 teleport torley flame

  • Grave Portal - Conjures up graves from the earth that act as gateways, thus allowing instantaneous travel between two points.

    Command: /8 portal <NAME or CAMERA>

  • Reject - A blast of green energy emerges from your scepter and slams into an enemy propelling them backwards with extreme force.

    Command: /8 reject <NAME>

  • Bonewall - Draws a wall of bones based on the caster's concentration. Bonewall can be used to shield against incoming spells as well as blocking off pathways. This spell will scale depending on how long you cast it.

    Command: /8 bonewall

    1. Click and hold to cast.
    2. Use directional keys to move the spell while casting.
    3. Release mouse button to conjure the wall.

  • Bone Cage - Ensnares the target in a cage made of cursed bones.

    Command: /8 bonecage [name]


Sigils are arcane symbols drawn onto an object or surface that grant it certain properties, such as warding against intruders or trapping tresspassers, etc.

Some sigils will warn intruders before they activate it. If the victim gets too close, the sigil's power is activated.

  • When cast but not activated, sigils are mostly invisible.
  • When an avatar approaches, some sigils will give a warning glow.
  • When an avatar *steps onto a sigil, it's primary effect will activate.

{info} Stacking Sigils
Sigils are able to be combined for even greater effects. For example, cast an Absorb sigil and then cast an Ignis sigil on top of it. Avatars that get near the area will be sucked in, then trigger the explosive Ignis effect. You could also suck people through walls or floors with Subduct, etc. Use your imagination. :)

An idle sigil will be faded into the surface, hidden until it is activated.

An active sigil; Triggered by an avatar stepping onto it.

Casting Sigils

Sigils are arcane glyphs or symbols that can be cast on various surfaces such as doors, walls, the ground or ceiling, etc.

  • DEFLECT New! - Conjures an arcane shield around the area that actively repels physical objects and avatars by deflecting backwards in various directions.
    Note: This sigil will dispel if the caster or target leave the vicinity (15m).

    Command: /8 sigil deflect

  • CONFINE - This marking is usually placed on the ground or a flat surface. When someone walks across it, it will ensnare them in a magical forcefield, effectively binding them within its boundaries.

    Command: /8 sigil confine

  • SUBDUCT - This sigil has many ways it can be used. When drawn, it will sit and wait for someone to cross its path. Much like a trap door spider, it will reach up and grab whoever activates it, pulling them through its surface. This has many useful properties. For example: If the Subductor sigil is cast on a wall or ceiling, it will pull people through to the other side. If it is cast on the ground, it will pull them under. Therefor it could be used a trap or hidden door, etc.

    Command: /8 sigil subduct

  • ABDUCT - A trampoline-like sigil which when activated propels the victim into the sky and holds them there. Excellent for keeping your foes held up at a distance.

    Command: /8 sigil abduct

  • ABSORB - A gravity sigil which will pull any and all who cross its boundary into the center. Can be used to stack with other sigils - for example: Cast an Absorb sigil and and a Ignis sigil in the same spot and watch the hilarity ensue!

    Command: /8 sigil absorb

  • IGNIS - A powerful and quite often useful sigil that is bewitched to explode when activated. Anyone within its radius would be forcefully tossed away.

    Command: /8 sigil ignis

Adjusting Sigil Size

The size can be adjusted at any time the sigil is rezzed by *clicking-and-dragging on it's surface. Dragging outward (away from center) will increase the size of the sigil, even while it is activated. Conversely, drag inward toward the center to shrink the sigil.

Dispelling Active Magic

Dispel Command

Dispel removes all active spells in the region and cleans up sub-objects in a sim with the caster's signature. Command: /8 dispel

Dispel Gesture

As of version 1.0, a gesture is included with Deathwish that allows you to quickly dispel anything you've cast with a keyboard shortcut (CTRL+D and /dispel) by default. You can modify this gesture to your liking.

{primary} Auto-Magical Clean-Up
Any active spells will dispel themselves when the caster leaves the sim, logs out or the spell lasts longer than 60 seconds. However, some spells have special features and so will last up to 5 minutes.