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Wishmaster Change Log

Version 3.23 (Jan 2019)

This update is primarily based on user requests and feedback. So thank you for continuing to send me your suggestions!

New Features

  • Added the ability to "unshackle" the HUD so you can have it anywhere on your screen. This involves using commands. To learn how to use this feature see positioning section of the user guide.
  • Added the ability to toggle the help text that appears in local chat. Toggle this with /9 enable-info or /9 disable-info
  • Added /9 discord command to trigger an invite to our community/support server. For more information, visit the Discord site.


  • Removed outdated notecards.
  • Updated user manual (both web and notecard versions).
  • Renamed RP MODE to SAFE MODE which is more appropriate.
  • Removed the intrusive sounds from Safe Mode.

Version 3.22 (2018)

All known outstanding bugs with Wishmaster have been resolved (at last!).

  • Fixed an issue causing the system to lose contact with the update server
  • Fixed a few more issues under the hood.

Version 3.21

  • Resolved the random beeping sound
  • Resolved the issue with shock FX appearing black.
  • Resolved an issue where RLV would occasionally wouldn't be detected.

Versions 3.0, 3.01, 3.2

  • Added the ability to change WM command channel (This has been requested for awhile.)
  • Added New category button to index: “Utilities” which will let you perform some new and useful functions)
  • You can now toggle “Roleplay Mode” directly from your HUD. This allows you to cast spells without pushing/disturbing others around you. Great for roleplay scenarios!
  • Added the ability to magically UnSit avatars (Group/Land Owners only)
  • Added some simple new teleport variants like Nova and PurpleSmoke and FX here and there.
  • 'Snap' dispel feature
  • Added a New Aura –> Mist
  • Added a Flight Aura –> Fire (This is pretty cool. Check it out)
  • Click and hold the HUD for >3 seconds to check for system updates.
  • Extended the radius for Nightmare.
  • Updated HUD Graphics – Spell buttons and Index/Category Buttons are now much easier to read.
  • Updated FX for all spells (improved lighting, particle density and functionality)
  • Extended the radius for Nightmare.
  • Elementals now last longer (60 seconds)
  • Updated HUD Graphics – Spell buttons and Index/Category Buttons are now much easier to read.
  • Updated FX for all spells (improved lighting, particle density and functionality) ƒ Elementals now last longer (60 seconds)
  • Added FX to eject and TPHOME which makes griefers go explodey-bye-bye :)
  • Updated priority for QuickHide to level 5 – this means your AO will no longer override your indivisibility etc.
  • Moved Dimensionals → Eject & TPHome to new category Utilities → Land
  • All Spells now cast light where relevant
  • Added visual FX for 'Conjure'
  • Updated library scripts and API (critical fix) - Wishmaster now performs faster, smarter and safer.
  • Added the free WM Aura Editor to the Dimensional → Conjure list for quick/built-in access to making your own auras! Bug Fix - Fixed some under the hood bugs including one that would cause the hud to periodically emit a “beeping” noise.

4/15/2014 - [ v2.27]

  • Updated node_camcast
  • Added sp_charms_aura_glow (Variant)
  • Updated PORTAL
    • Added Precaching
    • Fixed Functionality
    • Added RLV compatibility - users can now "step" into the portal and teleport between sims with a single click.
  • Squished a bug in Rapture - it is now vulnerable to the SHIELD charm. (For balanced dueling.)
  • Cosmetic Tweaks: Essential particles now look even more mesmerizing with glow.
  • New HUD artwork drawn by Zachh Barkley

4/1/2014 - [ v2.26]

  • Squished a bug with command system and update servers.
  • Under the hood tweaks.
  • New Spell: Eldritch -> Summon Dragon Have fun! :)

?> This special spell was only available to users who logged in on 4/1/14.

3/7/2014 - [ v2.25]

This update fixes system (under the hood) issue of Wishmaster 2 HUD.

2/26/2014 - [ v2.24 ]

  • This update resolves an issue with RLVa not functioning properly.

  • Fixed several bugs under the hood.

  • Astral Projection now has more functionality such as name changing. Instructions are given upon cast.

  • Telepathy now produces an effect around the targets mind (in compliance with SL TOS).

  • Nightmare's effect radius expanded from 6m to 10m.

    8/15/2012 - [ v2.23 ]

    Linden Labs implemented a change to LSL that rendered Wishmaster's physics nodes useless. Not only have we repaired the issue, we have boosted the performance of the nodes, thus allowing spells to be more powerful.

  • Repaired wm_node(s) and script errors.

  • Boosted spell power (They hit a little harder now. More OOMPH!).

  • Improved Stupefy slightly with better animation/sounds.

    6/2/2012 - [ v2.22 ]

  • Repaired a bug in the targeting system which occasionally prevented spells from being cast.

    5/25/2012 - [ v2.21 ]

    NOTE: Wishmaster 2 now takes full advantage of llGetAgentList, thus allowing for much faster target casting.

  • Fixed animation issues.

  • Squished several bugs.

  • Added new command -> /9 hud size This will allow you to adjust the hud size to your liking. Use the words "small, medium, large" IE: /9 hud size medium or numeric input (EX: /9 hud size 0.33)

  • Added Commands

    • /9 changes = Gives you this log.
    • /9 help = Gives you the WM2 documentation.
    • /9 bugs = Takes you to our bug tracker where you can report, view and discuss issues.

    5/24/2012 - [ v2.2 ]

  • Fixed bug with TELEPORT -> LIGHTNING

  • Added in Shadow and Energize FX for Teleport/Summon/GroupTP/Invisibility

  • Added in textures for caching.

  • Added spell WEATHER -> TORNADO

  • Added spell WEATHER -> JETSTREAM

  • Added spell ELEMENTAL -> WIND -> CYCLONE

  • Added spell DIMENSIONAL -> PORTAL -> WORMHOLE (as requested.)

  • Added spell CHARMS - > LIGHT -> ORB

  • Added spell CHARMS - > KISS

  • Added spell CHARMS - > LOVE

  • Added spell CHARMS - > CANDLE

  • Added UI feature, "Chapter Headers" will now display in each chapter to remind you of where you are in the WM grimoire.

  • System-wide performance * s. (Interesting fact: Wishmaster 2 uses 20x less resources than Empower.)

  • Visual FX for ELEMENTAL -> ICE -> SPEAR have been tweaked.

  • Visual FX for ELEMENTAL -> ICE -> SPRAY have been tweaked.

  • Visual FX for ELEMENTAL -> FIRE -> FURY have been tweaked.

  • Visual FX for TELEPORT -> APPARATE have been tweaked.

    11/11/2011 - [ v2.12 ]

  • Fixed several bugs.

11/5/2011 - [ v2.1 ]

  • Added Spells: Invisibility, Teleport Home, Eject
  • Adjusted targeting nodes, Users can now "blow up" physical objects again.
  • HUD Movement, Users can now wear the hud on [TOP-RIGHT] [TOP-LEFT] [BOTTOM-RIGHT] [BOTTOM-LEFT].
  • HUD Size, you can now adjust the size of your hud manually, and it will stick.
  • Conjuring, Users can now summon items from their hud's inventory with various special effects.
  • Fixed bug with portal not releasing the avatar from animation when teleporting between sims.
  • Repaired an issue with the sensor network.