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Wishmaster also includes dueling capabilities, allowing you and your friends to engage in magical combat and outwit each other.

Dueling can be done with most of the included spells, as will be explained below. The primary arsenal for dueling with Wishmaster are the elemental spells.


When a caster chooses an elemental spell to cast, an aura will form at their feet indicating which element they are preparing to cast. This can help the opponent mount a strategic defense or offense if they know what to look for.


Ice can be used to freeze objects, avatars and even water. It can also be used to put out fires.


As you probably guessed, Fire can melt ice.

Earth Pillar

Use the earth pillar for strategic purposes in situations where you need to get at an opponent behind a barrier. For example casting Earth Pillar on an avatar protected by the Shield charm would allow the caster to bump the opponent out of the shield.

Wind Gust

When two dueling mages cast Wind Gust at each other, the colliding streams will cause a chaotic reaction, blowing wind around in random directions and causing changes in the color and particles.

Other Useful Spells

Many spells in Wishmaster have alterior functions that can be used for dueling and other uses.


The Bless Charm can be used to dispel any active hexes on or around the target. There is a small area of effect. This can be used strategically to get out of certain situations.


The Stupefy cantrip is primarily intended to stun an opponent who is casting. For example, if someone is charging up an Explosion spell, you can cast stupefy on them to break their cast and dispel the Explosion.


The shield charm will deflect any spells cast on the person within it. If a spell hits the shield, it will bounce off and dispel.

As a tradeoff, magic will not function within the shield.


Thunderstorm contains a hidden trait -- the lighting strikes deal DCS/Spellfire damage.

Lighting Strike

Lighting strike will also deal DCS/Spellfire damage.