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Demon Dash Change Log & Version History

Version 1.2 Released: August 5th 2018

  • ADDED new dash method. You can now also CLICK/HOLD your Left Mouse Button and press an arrow key ONCE to dash. This is especially useful as it allows you to better use the dasher in laggy sims or users with low frame rates that have difficulties double tapping. Don't worry, you can still dash by just double-tapping keys. (Thanks to Lord Halostar for the suggestion!)

  • ADDED ability to show/edit the dasher should you ever need to. To reveal the attachment, type 'dash show', 'dash edit', 'dash idle' OR 'dash reveal'. All of these have the same effect. You cannot dash while the attachment is in edit mode.

  • ADDED ability to reboot the dasher if it somehow goes wonky. To reset it, simply say 'dash reset'

  • ADDED lighting FX. The dasher will now produce a light matching your chosen color while dashing. (Requires local lights to be enabled in your viewer.)

  • ADDED a visual confirmation to the color change command. Now when you change colors, the dasher will produce a very brief flash of light and particles in your chosen color.

  • ADJUSTED several color hues to allow for more potent shades of orange, yellow, purple, pink, green, etc.

  • ADJUSTED the attachment so that it always hides itself when attached and shows itself when rezzed outside the avatar.

Version 1.1 Released: August 3rd 2018

  • Added ability to change particle colors.
  • Bug Fixes