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The Arcanum

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A Second Life® Company | Established 2006

The Arcanum creates magical experiences and products for the virtual world of Second Life®.

Enter the Arcanum


Arcanum was founded by avatar Zachh Barkley in 2006. Our content allow avatars to cast spells, perform magical abilities and other arcane feats such as dueling that are otherwise unavailable to the inhabitants of the virtual world.. Arcanum has conjured up many unique and powerful systems such as Wishmaster Spell HUD, The Book of Shadows, Deathwish, Demon Dash and more. A behind the scenes documentary of Zachh Barkley details the creative process and provides insight into the amazing power of virtual worlds.


What makes Arcanum unique?

Carefully Coded

Our scripts are carefully coded so that there is no drainage on resources.

Magic For Everyone

Arcanum products can be used by anyone. Cast spells for roleplay purposes or just for fun; There's something for everyone!

Easy to Use

Our products are very simple to use, yet full of features. They also have anti-griefing measures built in to prevent prim clutter or spam. Yay!


All of our content is tactfully documented so that you never have wonder how to use it. Click here to visit our product guides.

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Product Support

If you need to report a problem with our products or services, you can contact a staff member in-world or directly by joining our Discord server.

Product Guides

Learn how to use every feature built into your Arcanum product. Our articles are easy to read and up-to-date.

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