About Arcanum

Created in 2006 by avatar Zachh Barkley, The Arcanum has become the most well respected and known brand of magical themed content in Second Life. Products such as The Book of Shadows and Wishmaster have made viral hits and sold to over 30,000 avatars. Products are mostly for amusement and enchantment as they grant the avatar whimsical abilities and powers such as magical charms and hexes which could be used on other avatars, the local environment or for storyline purposes during roleplay scenes.

A highly respected videographer and podcaster known as Draxtor Despres featured Zachh Barkley and The Arcanum on episode 17 of the documentary series “The Drax Files: World Makers”.

The Arcanum celebrated its 10th year anniversary on October 31st 2016, making it one of the longest running brands in Second Life.

The Arcanum Staff

Zachh Barkley
Owner & Content Creator

Tyris Wardark (Triss Nightshade)
General Manager & Support

Ylva Korhonen
General Manager & Support

Former Staff & Contributors

  • Silicon Plunkett, Developer
  • Heed Fate, General Manager & Builder